Since 1977 Rigserv has been at the forefront of design & manufacture of
electronic Drilling Instrumentation and Controls.

Rigserv built the very first integrated Driller's Control cabin, with remote
brake handle and "wrap-around" console back in 1985. Rigserv also built the
most integrated Drilling Control cabins with nearly all conceivable controls
within the cabin in 1994. With 28 years experience behind us, we provide a
one-stop-shop service to our customers, a Total Control system for Drilling.
Rigserv lead in the Integration of Drilling Controls

Rigserv is an independant Drilling Controls engineering company. We represent
the interests of the rig owner, by design & engineering or modifying the
various Drilling Controls into a single purpose module. Our interest is to
combine all controls and present them to the Driller as a fully co-ordinated,
state-of-the-art, Drilling Control centre.

Typical equipment within Rigserv's leading Automated Drilling Control cabin are as follows:

  • Touchscreen Automated Drilling Control panel
  • Topdrive / Power Swivel controls
  • Pipe Handling machine controls
  • Alarm annunciator
  • BOP / Diverter control panel
  • Zone management
  • Drilling instrument panel
  • Drawworks controls
  • CCTV system
  • Driller's control chair
  • Choke control panel
  • Heave compensation control
Rigserv also design & manufacture a wide variety of other equipment associated with Drilling, including; Block Monitor Control Systems, Crane LoadWatcher, Pit Volume Totalisers & much more.
Check back soon for much more information regarding these products.